KARIBU to the world of KAHU

Born out of love for African fabric (pagne) and its continent, KAHU introduces you to the richness of African culture by offering a curated aesthetic blend of Afro-inspired prints and modernity.

Designed for interiors that embrace uniqueness, KAHU home linens celebrates life and brings that one-of-a-kind vitality that will brighten up your days and captivate the eyes of your guests.


New collection

Kekeli means ‘light’ in Mina, a language spoken in the south of Togo and Benin. It’s an ideal name for this soft and warm collection.

The lamps in the Kekeli collection are the result of a collaboration with the designer Ben Artside, a Belgian creator who skillfully illuminated our fabric remnants from previous collections using his expertise in origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding.

The outcome is unique, daring, and colorful, representing the essence of both our worlds.


Collection KOLD

The blankets from the Kold collection gently accompany you during all your cozy moments while adding a vibrant touch to your interior decor.

For even more warmth, pair your throws with the cushion covers from the Ku Jua collection.

Just like our previous collections, the pre-orders will be crafted in limited edition by the Mulieris workshop.


Collection KU JUA

Who wouldn’t want to be in the sunshine all year round?

Now it’s possible with our Ku Jua collection, which means ‘in the sun’ in Swahili. Warm colors were the inspiration for this new collection, bringing warmth, vibrant hues, and a cozy ambiance to your interior. In addition to cushion covers, discover our first line of kitchen linens for a sunny touch in your kitchen as well.

Just like our previous collections, the pre-orders will be crafted in limited edition by the Mulieris workshop.


Collection KAKIRA

Make your walls with our selection of Imigongo art paintings ‘Kakira.’

Imigongo art is an ancient decorative art from the southeastern region of Rwanda. This traditional art, though age-old, finds its place in contemporary interiors and will elevate any modern living space.

For our first collaboration with artisans from the continent, we introduce you to Imigongo paintings, created by the women of the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center cooperative in Kayonza, Rwanda.

Available for pre-order in limited quantities.



KAHU is an ethical, sustainable, artisanal, and locally inspired Afropean brand. We firmly believe that in a fast-paced world, it’s crucial to take the time to produce, work, and consume more mindfully.

To offer high-quality, timeless collections that share a piece of authentic history, we have chosen a model that introduces only a few collections each year, available through pre-orders.


Previous collections

Rediscover our previous collections, Kuanza, Kivu, and Koleza, which embody the realization of a dream, the expression of a colorful, unique, daring, and warm vision.

Collections Kuanza,Kivu,Koleza