Slow and artisanal production

KAHU is an ethical, sustainable, artisanal, and local Afropean brand. We believe that in a fast-paced world, it’s important to take the time to produce better, work better, and also consume better

To offer quality, timeless collections that share a piece of authentic history, we have chosen a model that offers only a few collections per year, available for pre-orders.

How to pre-order?

We have adopted a pre-order model in order to limit overproduction, waste of our raw materials, and storage costs. By ensuring a certain volume of orders, we can guarantee a production process where fair and equitable prices are applied throughout the production chain, benefiting us, the seamstresses at Atelier Mulieris, as well as all the artisans in Africa with whom we collaborate now and in the future.

What are the specific steps?

  1. You pre-order your favorite designs.
  2. Every 15 days, your pre-orders are sent to Atelier Mulieris or to the cooperatives that handcraft them with love and care. This process takes time.
  3. It may take up to 30 working days to receive your order, and you will be kept informed via email at each step of the pre-order process.


Our quality

Since the beginning of our journey, the quality of our creations has been one of our top priorities. From selecting the fabric to the craftsmanship, we prioritize quality and artisanal expertise, ensuring that each item becomes a precious possession. Our creations are designed and meticulously handcrafted 100% in Belgium. When we choose to collaborate with other artisans, whether local or from Africa, our selection is guided by shared values and KAHU’s vision, which emphasizes offering artisanal work of quality, ethics, and solidarity. Whether through our own creations or our collaborations, the pieces we offer are unique, authentic, and crafted with meticulous care.