An odyssey in our memories

Kahu invites you to transcend the notion of time. It is the story of an odyssey in our dearest memories, told through the prism of our five senses: the thrilling tales of our parents, uncles, and aunts, who vividly recounted their journeys to the most beautiful landscapes of this world, the laughter and gestures etched on their faces, and the beauty and mystery concealed behind the countless objects they brought back from their travels. On the other hand, it is a bridge that rises to weave a connection between two different cultures, one African and the other European, united by the desire to open up to each other in a new chapter.

The origin of KAHU

As far back as I can remember, my love for African fabric (pagne) has always been a part of my life.

Born in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, I was fortunate to live there until I was 8 years old. However, due to the war that occurred in 1996, we had to leave everything behind and move to Belgium. I carried with me happy memories that will forever be engraved in my mind: the sight of my mother proudly wearing the pagne, carrying my younger siblings on her back, the outfits tailored for special celebrations, and many more.

As I grew into adolescence, I felt a strong desire to differentiate myself and embrace my cultural heritage. This led me to start wearing the headscarf. I still remember the day when my mother agreed to give me one of her pagnes; I was overjoyed, and to this day, I continue to wear it.

Later on, after settling into my new home, I naturally wanted to have home linens that reflected my multicultural identity. KAHU, therefore, represents the embodiment of my cultural richness, a fusion of my origins and my adopted homeland.

The name ‘KAHU’ represents my initials, K.U, written in a phonetic manner. Additionally, it is a nod to my children, as the first letter of my name is shared with theirs. I hope to pass on the legacy of KAHU to them someday.

Katia Uwinkindi, Founder of KAHU.

Our values

The heart of KAHU is inspired by four fundamental values that serve as the true pillars of the brand. Ingrained in our DNA, we firmly believe that these values define the uniqueness of our vision and the social impact we aim to achieve.


KAHU is a strong and ambitious brand that dares to be different. With a unique editorial line, it offers a blend of styles and materials, a fusion of wax fabric and modern materials that sets it apart and makes it stand out. Creative and vibrant, KAHU brings energy and life to interior spaces. It is a brand that came to life thanks to the audacity of its creator, who, in the beginning, didn’t know how to sew but dared to teach herself the basics of sewing and venture into creating her own brand to bring her vision to life.


Inspired by her parents, the creator of KAHU was raised with values that emphasized sharing and solidarity. Helping others is a selfless act that anyone can do at their own level and according to their means. That’s why the brand is committed to giving back by making donations to associations and taking action to create employment through women’s cooperatives in Africa. We believe that even on our scale, we can make a difference. For the year 2023, we have chosen to support Hatimayé Asbl based in Belgium. KAHU pledges to donate €1.00 from each sale collected at the end of pre-orders to support this cause.


According to us, conviviality is the key element for unique and authentic moments of sharing, created within an atmosphere that fosters kind exchanges, where guests feel free to be themselves and express who they are. We aim to convey our vision of conviviality through our creations. KAHU is a warm, dynamic, and festive brand that celebrates life, love, humanity, and sharing. We take the time to create unforgettable and heartwarming moments for open-minded individuals who are curious about the world around them.

African handicrafts

Africa is rich with talent and artisans. Through KAHU, we aim to showcase their craftsmanship through exclusive and creative collaborations. Our goal is to introduce you to another aspect of Africa, highlighting the richness of its exceptional artisanal skills and craftsmanship.