KOLLAGE – Imigongo Painting in Black and White 40×30


With its black and white geometric patterns, Kollage will bring a touch of authenticity and originality to your interior. No matter the wall where it will be placed, this ancestral piece of art will enhance it and delight the eyes of your guests. Don't forget to tell them what it's made of to further amaze them.

In stock

Weight500 g
Dimensions40 × 30 cm


Plant and mineral origin




Handmade in Rwanda

Care Instruction

Dust off with a dry cloth or feather duster
Do not wet

Additional Information

The relief on the painting is composed of a mixture of fresh cow dung and ashes, which kills bacteria and odors.
Women apply this malleable paste, resembling dough, by hand and carefully trace the desired pattern with their fingers, creating a raised relief.

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